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The Succulent Store specialises in collectable and landscape succulents from all over Australia.

Succulents are beautiful and are almost indestructible. Their bold forms and interesting shapes are bright, colourful and most of all fun.

Succulents grow in all regions  - any house, any room, any type of pot and any garden.

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Succulents grow anywhere - they grow in all regions of Australia - indoors and outdoors.

Succulents store water in their stems, leaves and
roots and adapt to survive in harsh arid conditions.

They are low maintenance and almost indestructible.

Not only that - succulents are bright and colourful, and their bold shapes and forms are fun.

Succulents are great fun to hang out with -
and they make great pets!



Succulents grow anywhere

Succulents are great in pots

Succulents are great fun to grow in pots; their interesting shapes and forms make them perfect for growing in pots of any description.

The perfect plant for apartments, small homes, balconies, decks, windowsills and wall gardens.

Easy care and low maintenance - they still require protection from extreme temperatures - heat and cold.

Think outside the square when choosing a pot for your succulent - these guys are quirky!

Check out our gallery for some ideas.

Succulents are great in the garden

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Succulents are hardy garden plants. Planting out is best done in autumn and spring - avoiding those cold winter frosts.

Some varieties make perfect garden bed borders  - choose one variety and repeat planting throughout your garden for impact.

Large succulent varieties like Yucca, Aloe and Agave make beautiful and textural features in your garden that will result in dramatic shapes as they mature.

Check out our gallery for some ideas.

Have fun collecting succulents  


Succulents have many varieties with varying shapes,
forms and colours.

Once you begin collecting succulents you won't be able to stop. 
It can become addictive - but not in a bad way.

You'll make some great friends when you begin collecting succulents, and with so many vareties there is something for everyone.

And The Succulent Store is a great place to start - so check out our Online Store and place your order today.