Succulent Care

Succulents are one of the easiest plants to grow - they require little care and attention which suits many people.


Water, soil and sunlight are the main requirements - but be careful - too much of a good thing is bad.


Here are some tips to help you keep your succulents in tip-top condition


Succulents do best in well draining soil. 


There are a variety of specific succulent and cacti potting mixes on the market that are suitable for most succulents.


A mix of good quality potting mix with equal part of washed river sand is an adequate potting medium.


Keep an eye on your pots over the hot summer months - although succulents like the warmth of the summer sun, pots can dry out very quickly. 


Add a little more potting mix and you can add a layer of pebbles to the surface to prevent evaporation.


Succulents are like sponges, retaining water in their stems, leaves and roots.


They adapt to survive in harsh conditions. Succulents will grow almost anywhere.


However, like all living things they do need water to survive. The main rule is to water when the soil is dry.


Indoors: water each plant weekly with an icecube or a shot glass.



Summer: Keep a check the water retention of your potting mix - succulents do not like wet feet. Water each plant weekly and allow to dry our between watering.


Winter: Let nature do its thing but remember to protect from harsh frosts and extreme cold and overwatering. 


Succulents are hardy plants - we've said that they are almost indestructable - and they are.

Most succulents thrive in indirect sunlight.
Each and every variety tolerates different amounts of light. During the hot summer months it is wise to protect your plants from burning and scorching by placing them where they are shaded but still receive light.

It's always good to experiment by rotating your pots to find the ideal situation for each variety.

The ones that need more light will reach out seeking it, making them leggy and straggly.
The ones that are more delicate will burn and stunt.

It all depends on where you live, how much light your plants can access.

Fertilise & Problems

Like all plants succulents can benefit from the occasional application of a controlled slow release fertiliser.

The best form of fertiliser is a granule type, applied during their active growing periods of spring and summer.

Overwatering is fatal for succulents. Poorly drained soils or pots that do not provide adequate drainage will result in rotting stems. Place a layer pebbles in the base of pots to prevent rot.

Do not mulch succulents with moist leaf litter, they prefer stones or pebbles.

Beware of harsh frosts and cold temperatures, this can result in black spots on leaves - if possible move your plant to a warmer spot.