About Us

I have been growing plants commercially all my working life.

Now as I near retirement age, my wife Jane and I have rediscovered the wonderful world
of succulents and have become totally hooked.


What we find so appealing is the huge variety, the vast colour range and the textures that succulents offer.

There is something for everyone!


Buying a succulent is a bit like collecting them too, they are like chocolate or chips -
one is never enough - in fact it's impossible to stop at one.


The Succulent Store is constantly sourcing new material from all over the world.


Our nursery is located on the banks of the River Derwent, just north of Hobart, at Granton.

(Please note that visits to our nursery are by appointment only and we will not be open for nursery visits until our return to trading after September 6th.)


Our plants are grown in the fresh Tasmanian air, watered by the pure highland waters of
central Tasmania, and cultivated slowly in a unique climate that has four very distinct seasons.


We welcome you all to the amazing world of succulents - a place where you can check out
but never leave. 


Damian & Jane Kerin


The Succulent Store is a totally Tasmanian, family owned, professional production nursery.

Following Tasmania's strict biosecurity laws
we import rare and collectable succulent varieties from all over Australia.

Propagation takes place at our quality controlled nursery.

We take pride in producing high quality, disease and pest free plants.

We offer our mail order service to all Australian states, excluding Western Australia and Northern Territory due to each state's biosecurity laws. 


We are a large scale production nursery based in Tasmania.

Our production of succulents is growing with every season.

We are continually sourcing new and exciting plants from all over Australia.

If you have the need for a large quantity of a certain variety or are interested in purchasing large quantities for weddings, functions or resale - please send us an enquiry via our Contact page.